Planning a kitchen doesn’t have to be hard. We've made an easy-to-use overview of the process, guiding you to your new kitchen.


Visualize your kitchen

Consider the overall layout of your new kitchen: what are you looking for in terms of style and look? Where do you want to place it? How big does it need to be? Get inspired by configurations and styles on our website.

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Sketch your project

When you have a rough idea of your basic configuration, we’ll present you with a sketch and the estimated price of your kitchen. Our software lets you compare pricing on other design variants and materials with your personal configuration. When you’ve found the right combination, we’ll invite you to finish up your project with one of our design consultants.

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See if we're a good fit for you

We’ll discuss what you want from your new kitchen on the 25-min video call. Your designer will share ideas, take you through our kitchen ranges, answer any questions and walk you through the timeline.

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Finalize your design

We’ll design your new kitchen in our 3D software, based on your specific measurements and needs. You’ll get two 1 hour consultations (10 hours design work), 3 cabinet samples delivered to your home, photorealistic visuals and initial design with pricing. There will be a small redeemable deposit of $99 that shows your commitment.

Adjustments and confirmation

When you’ve settled on your design and plan for the kitchen, we’ll go through the drawing one last time to make sure that everything is in order. When you’ve approved and made the order, we’ll start producing your kitchen.


Clear the room

When your new kitchen is in production, it’s time to prepare your room for installation. Empty the space completely, make sure that the floor is clean and paint the walls. At this stage, you should also contact your electrician and plumber, so they can help you prepare appliances and install power outlets.

Delivery and installation

We deliver all the parts for your kitchen at the same time, which means it’s ready for installation as soon as it’s been delivered.

Ordering your countertop

If you didn’t already order your countertop with the kitchen, the final measurements will happen after the rest of the kitchen has been mounted to make sure that the countertop fits accurately. Depending on the type of countertop delivery takes 2 weeks.

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